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For Medical Professionals

You have the ability to improve a child’s life now… and for the future

Sometimes the pain of an IV or the distress caused by a test can be worse than the illness that brought a child to the hospital or clinic in the first place. The pain and distress a child experiences with their first medical procedure sets the tone for their future medical interactions, even potentially affecting their attitude and willingness to participate in healthcare as an adult.

One of the tools available to combat pain and distress is nitrous oxide sedation. Nitrous oxide, also known as laughing gas, has been used successfully by dentist for over 150 years. Dentists know how well nitrous oxide sedation overcomes the anxiety associated with dental procedures. Now medical professionals are catching up!

Combat pain and distress with nitrous oxide

In addition to mild sedation, nitrous oxide helps your patients cope with procedures by reducing anxiety and providing analgesia and amnesia.

Rapid onset means you don’t have to wait long before starting the procedure. Rapid recovery allows kids to quickly return to their usual activities after the procedure, meaning less post-procedure care from you or from the child’s parents.

Why train with an online nitrous oxide course?


The online course is available 24/7 and can be accessed from any remote location. No need to cover shifts so that personnel can attend a classroom course.

Interactivity makes learning memorable

Learners must accurately complete realistic case-based scenarios and troubleshooting modules to complete the course. By actively engaging the learner, this course makes the information interesting and memorable for the learner.

Ready now with continuing medical education credit

Take advantage of this “out of the box” course created with the clinical expertise of Dr. Judy Zier, a physician with over 10 years of nitrous oxide sedation experience, combined with the creative talent of Allen Interactions, an award-winning  interactive e-learning design company.